Authorised Courses


Social and civic competences is the set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that allow a person to participate effectively and constructively in society.

The course was developed in accordance with the European reference framework on key competences.

The course covers the key competence no.6: Social and civic competences.

The course is authorized and will be completed with:

  • Certificate issued by the Romanian Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education, accompanied by the descriptive Supplement of the skills acquired with European recognition (by apostille)
  • Europass certificate supplement (issued on request to those who want to study or work in the EU, including the EU institutions).

Units of competence to be included in the Certificate of graduation and descriptive Europass Supplement:

  • ability to separate between personal and professional life
  • ability to communicate constructively in different social situations (assertiveness, to tolerate other points of view, awareness of individual and collective responsibility)
  • ability to create confidence and empathy in other individuals
  • ability to demonstrate solidarity in solving problems affecting the local community and wider community
  • ability to realize and understand national cultural identity in interaction with the cultural identity of Europe
  • ability to observe and understand the points of view related to the different cultural contexts
  • ability to relate effectively with institutions in the public domain
  • ability to take advantage of the opportunities offered by EU.

Course duration: 28 hours


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